Balancing Full-Time Work While Studying for a Nanodegree
Linda Thao Tran is a designer and brand strategist. She designs integrated branding solutions to help your business get noticed! Services include, brand audit, brand strategy, marketing planning, logo design, and digital advertising. She strives to build long term relationships with clients to help their business grow. Contact Linda today to see what I can do for your company.
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Balancing Full-Time Work While Studying for a Nanodegree

Up until a few months ago, my professional experience includes working in graphic design mainly for print and brand consulting. My clients typically need marketing collateral or need help in the direction of their company’s visual branding. At the same time, I was in charge of all the advertising and marketing for my family’s business in electronics e-commerce.

The marketing landscape was already changing and I needed to provide more digital marketing services so that my clients could continue to work with me and see me as a potential long-term partner. Not only that, but because my knowledge in digital marketing was limited, I felt that the marketing budget could have been spent more strategically if I knew how to capture the right segments for the family e-commerce business.

The dilemma now, was how I am going to learn about digital marketing while working full-time and from where should I learn it? I was really afraid of learning on my own because I didn’t know where to begin and what if I become unmotivated. My brother who is also my business partner heard about Udacity through reading various online forums and introduced me to the DMND online program.

I went online to read about the DMND program at Udacity to learn more about it. The curriculum seemed like it was manageable considering it was going to take about 10 hours per week and I could work at my own pace to finish the program within 3 to 5 months. They also offered projects with deadlines and an online forum with other students to communicate with, which would continue to motivate me, another fear I had.

I had all the confidence I needed and the support from my business partners that I signed up for the DMND program 2 weeks before it started and here I am working on Project 2, writing a blog.

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I was really afraid of learning on my own because I didn’t know where to begin and what if I become unmotivated?
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