iTV Viet Case Study
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iTV Viet Case Study

iTV Viet

iTV Viet is a brand of smart media set-top boxes for home theatre entertainment.
They are targeted for the Vietnamese community.

Competitive Landscape

A fresh and professional looking brand was created to separate the iTV Viet brand from the cluttered competition that is on the current market. A lot of the Vietnamese smart boxes either have a celebrity or a Vietnamese public figure that acts as a spokesperson to help promote it. They also heavily rely on paid media. iTV Viet is a brand with a well developed product that it can stand on its own.

  • Build a brand from the ground up, and separate the brand and the product from the competition
  • Create sales and beat out the competition to own a majority of the market share in North America in Android smart TV boxes for the Vietnamese segment
  • Educate customers on why iTV Viet is better and what value we offer (better, faster product with excellent customer service)
Strategy Plan
  • Create a multi-currency e-commerce website
  • Use Paid, Earned and Owned advertising
  • Offer exceptional customer service and technical support to differentiate from the competitors
  • Provide a return and refund policy similar to big box stores
  • Advertise in local Vietnamese newspapers in major cities and write articles on how to save money on monthly bills
  • Run a consistent Google Ad Banner and Words campaign in various Vietnamese media websites
  • Guarantee 3 things to customers: 1 year warranty on hardware, Free customer support, 30-day money back guarantee
  • Google Ads impressions increased by 730% by the fourth month
  • Google Ads average click through rate (CTR) was 5.6% by the fourth month
  • 12% of new customers were through word-of-mouth or recommendation
  • 8% repeat purchases
  • Under 1% return rate on product sales
  • High volume of online sales caused the iTV Viet product to be back ordered
iTV Viet results infographics