About Linda
Linda Thao Tran is a designer and brand strategist. She designs integrated branding solutions to help your business get noticed! Services include, brand audit, brand strategy, marketing planning, logo design, and digital advertising. She strives to build long term relationships with clients to help their business grow. Contact Linda today to see what I can do for your company.
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About Linda

Linda Thao Tran, RGD

  RGD – Registered Graphic Designer

  14 Years of Industry Experience

   International Work Experience

  Brand Strategy Expert

  Design & Branding Educator

  Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ever since I co-founded one of my companies, I understand all the challenges of running a small business. I know how to build both a successful retail store and an online one from having to perform different roles; from customer service, sales and marketing, bookkeeping, importing, and logistics. Business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their bottom line and serve their customers better.

Awards & Recognition 

OHBA, Logo Branding 2008

Coupé International Design Awards 2009, Branding

Featured in Campinas, Brazil’s newspaper 2010

Featured in 1st issue of RGD’s Design at Work 2010

Applied Arts Awards 2011, Branding


Hi, I’m Linda and I’m a graphic designer and brand strategist. I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but now I work with brands from all over the world. I help my clients achieve business goals by using design and branding as a platform to reach an audience. My experience in these areas allows me to deliver an integrated solution for my clients. I studied Graphic Design at George Brown College’s School of Design and Brand Management at Seneca College. I am also a Registered Graphic Designer.


My experience is drawn from working in design studios, advertising agencies and media companies, including a stint in São Paulo, Brazil as an Art Director where I worked on a few national Brazilian brands. I have collaborated with clients from industries including home décor, real estate, technology, education and hospitality. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to teach and develop courses related to graphic design, branding, and marketing at Humber College, Yorkville University, and Toronto Film School. It was here that I shared my knowledge and experience of the industry and helped prepare students for the workforce.


I work with you to identify your objectives, positioning and messaging and then devise a comprehensive integrated marketing plan, tailored to your company to help you achieve your goals. My design work is supported through a brand auditing process, and consumer insights to better understand the targeted audience. I always stay current with the latest trends and implement new ideas while keeping up with regulatory changes. I strive to grow with my clients and build long-term partnerships with them.


Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, I co-founded Stokhaus Limited which includes a retail and online store, Tinker & Hack and a few other in-house brands. I’ve also been a helping hand in various start-up brands for friends and clients. I keep up to date with design trends and marketing strategy by participating in seminars and webinars. I’m also passionate in using creative outlets to express myself, like painting and fashion design.