Linda Thao Tran is a designer and brand strategist. She designs integrated branding solutions to help your business get noticed! Services include, brand audit, brand strategy, marketing planning, logo design, and digital advertising. She strives to build long term relationships with clients to help their business grow. Contact Linda today to see what I can do for your company.
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Linda was crucial in the development of Media Resources new branding and marketing initiative. She delivered the program on time and on budget and we were very impressed by her originality. This program out preformed our expectation’s and we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to increase market share.

Brian Perras – Project Manager at Media Resources, Toronto, Canada

Linda is a very smart friendly lady with a multitude of talents. She learns quickly and is always thirsty for more knowledge and experience. I truly enjoyed working with her and recommend anyone to work with her. She is a true team player.

Stefanie Trachuck – Senior Prepress Manager at Media Resources, Toronto, Canada

Linda is a Godsend. She helped me at the most critical time in my business.

Tisha Thompson Starks – Owner of Mina’s Juice, New Jersey, USA

Linda Tran is the key ingredient over the past 6 years of my marketing success with creating a clean brand, exactly what I’m looking for when I want to interact with my clients. I have been following Linda’s career since her school days where I saw the skills very early on.

The best is the response from my business cards, they are beautiful and I definitely stand out because of the professionalism I portray with my brand assisted by Linda. She will always in my phone for any design requirements. Thanks again, Linda.

Meredith Otten – Partner of Artexome & Owner of Meredith in Motion, Toronto, Canada

A selected list of clients that I have worked with