Linda Thao Tran is a designer and brand strategist. She designs integrated branding solutions to help your business get noticed! Services include, brand audit, brand strategy, marketing planning, logo design, and digital advertising. She strives to build long term relationships with clients to help their business grow. Contact Linda today to see what I can do for your company.
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Premium services to help you achieve business goals using brand strategy and design
    • Brand Audit
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Management
    • Content Development
    • Marketing Planning
    • On-going Sustainable Support
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    • Logo Design & Branding
    • Brochure & Book Design
    • White Papers
    • Annual Reports
    • Presentations
    • Print Campaigns
    • Web Design

Advertising & Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Advertising: Facebook & Google Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Out-of-Home AdvertisingBlank
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As part of my services, I work with you to provide an integrated solution tailored for your company. My clients include entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies, using existing brand guidelines or creating new ones. I also collaborate with design agencies on projects that require my branding expertise.


Brand Audit
Review all communication collateral and evaluate their success both content and visually. I can review both external marketing and internal corporate communications to help unveil any issues that may hinder the success of the company.

Brand Strategy

Design a customized plan to help your company be 1 cohesive voice that speaks to your audience. I will be helping you with positioning and designing an integrated strategy tailored to your business needs. Primary research can be conducted for more insights on what your customers think of your brand; from surveys, questionnaires or focus groups.

Brand Management
Continuity of managing your brand through various communication outlets with cohesion and awareness.


Marketing Planning
Create a plan involving tactical marketing techniques to sustain the brand integrity, attract new customers and keep current ones. For example, coming up with strategies for both print and online communications and how to measure success rates.

On-going Sustainable Support
For the on-going success of your company, I can continue your marketing efforts and project manage any social media and digital projects for your company. This can be based on a retainer agreement or per project based on what you feel comfortable with. Instead of hiring 1, 2, or 3 people in the field of brand consulting, marketing and design, your company will be cutting down on costs by using my services.

strategy brandy



Define the problem and identify objectives. Understand the client's goals


Strategize a tailored solution. Collaborate with client on an agreed direction.


Turn concepts into
visual solutions


Get feedback. Refine design.

logo design


Logo Design & Branding

Designing a new or refreshed logo mark to represent your company.

Brochure & Book Design

Collateral for your sales team or brochures to feature your products.

White Papers

Research papers or case studies as proof to support your business.

Annual Reports

Year-end reports to summarize your performance for stakeholders.


Eye-catching presentations to capture your potential customers or clients.


Digital Advertising & Print Campaigns

Creating an integrated advertising campaign across different platforms to increase sales, brand awareness and more. Digital advertising include: Google Ads, Facebook Ads. Print advertising include: billboards, publications, etc.

Project Management Services

Along with my design services, I can also project manage the following:
– Social media presence
– Manage website design and development
– Art direct photo shoots