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Linda Thao Tran is a designer and brand strategist. She designs integrated branding solutions to help your business get noticed! Services include, brand audit, brand strategy, marketing planning, logo design, and digital advertising. She strives to build long term relationships with clients to help their business grow. Contact Linda today to see what I can do for your company.
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Elsevier is a global information analytics research company and publisher, specializing in science and health. Mendeley Data is one of Elsevier's products. It is an open, free-to-use research data repository, which enables researchers to make their research data publicly available. Benefits of sharing research data...

The Women’s Luxury Guild (WLG) is a professional organization formed to mentor, advance, promote and celebrate women within the luxury industry. White paper reports on various topics within the luxury industry were designed to help inform members of the current market. These topics include beauty, fashion,...

York University is the third largest University in Canada. Regular marketing collateral for the university were updated for prospects and current students, such as, student calendars, program brochures, and introduction packages. Using existing brand guidelines is always important to keep in mind when designing for York,...